A some sort of a nerd caught by the JavaScript viral spread and motivated by the inspiring innovative evolution of JavaScript and its various frameworks and ecosystem.

I decided to pick up quickly on the language and want to learn the inside out and understand every detail and evolutionary aspect of the language, it is just one side of my defected demanding nature that is too detail oriented and never satisfied by a high level abstracted knowledge.

In this blog, I like to share, document and talk about my journey in learning and experiencing the JavaScript platform including its vibrant ecosystem and frameworks with everyone passionately to improve my learning experience and makes it more interactive and learn from others experiences and maybe inspire others to get on JavaScript and start learning and add it to their programming tools belt.

I believe that getting knowledgeable about a language specifications coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the related frameworks and platform is a fun thing for me to do and pragmatically help me become a fluent user of the language with its  related API(s); that eventually helps me writing better code and improves my productivity in solving real life software problems in my job as a software developer and architect.


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